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Sweet Tooth Blues: Home Care Tips For Caregivers in Controlling Sugar Binges

I have heard from many caregivers that are doing home care that the person they are taking care of is constantly sneaking sweets. That can be a real problems, especially if the person they are giving care too is diabetic.

It seems the older someone gets, the more they crave sweets. If you are caring for someone who is living alone, it is easier to keep track of sweets and how many might be available for consumption. You can be careful to dole them out so they don’t cause any adverse effects. You still need to be careful and instruct visitors that your patient is on a low or no sugar diet. If they must bring snacks and treats, they really need to bring snacks that are low in sugar. There are sugar free cookies and candies that can be purchased from regular grocery stores so it is possible to keep your patient happy and healthy in a sugar free environment.

If you are giving home care to somebody who is living with other family members, especially family members with children, it can be very hard to keep the sweets out of the house. It is not fair to ask the family to never have sweets as this is their home too and they are allowed a treat every now and then. You can ask them to help by keeping the sweets out of reach of the patient and to try and not eat them in front of her or him. You may also want to have a separate place where these sweets are kept and even keep a lock on that cabinet.

If someone is craving sweets they will find a way to get to them and then you could have a medical emergency on your hands. Just as I said above, you can purchase some sugar free candy and cookies and when the family is having their treats or desserts, the sugar free snacks can be offered to the patient. The ultimate goal for any caregiver that is giving home care is to help their patient live a happy and healthy life for as long as possible.

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