Our screening process and standards have helped us continuously select and retain quality, caregivers that have worked with us since our company was first founded.

In that regard, we have developed a rigorous 20-point screening process to help us discern whether or not a potential caregiver will be a good fit for our company, for you or your loved ones:

  1. One Year Minimum of Professional Care Giving Experience
  2. Telephone screen
  3. Application or information form to establish history/references
  4. Behavioral interview
  5. Competency screening for over 44 skill sets and experiences
  6. Screening for strengths and improvements
  7. Screening for trustworthiness and reliability
  8. Screening for honesty
  9. Screening for suitability and patience
  10. Discussions regarding client privacy, ethics and appropriate behavior
  11. Verification of identity
  12. Verification of work eligibility
  13. Verification of certification (CNA) and additional training
  14. CPR Certification
  15. Criminal background check
  16. Reference checks (personal and professional)
  17. Physical Examination with Medical Clearance
  18. Driver Safety Quiz
  19. Inspector General Fraud and Exclusion Check
  20. Caregiver Orientation