Physical Limitations

After retiring from the U.S. Army, Richie started a small construction firm. As Richie aged, his son became concerned about his well-being.

The years his father had spent as a soldier and active construction worker had taken a physical toll. Richie was especially having trouble standing up from his chair without a helping hand. His son, who had a family of his own and who had to manage a business, soon realized he couldn't provide the care Richie really needed. Richie's family enlisted the help of Lee, a Senior Concierge Providers caregiver.

Lee arrives early six days per week, waits outside the bathroom as Richie bathes. Richie loves it when Lee tells him stories. A real storyteller that Lee, Richie tells his son.

To Richie's delight, before Lee leaves for the day, she reads him the front page of his favorite newspaper.

Best of all, Richie's son knows that with Senior Concierge Providers, his dad is in the best of hands.

SCP Unique Matching Approach

ASCP Unique Matching Approach