Meet our Team

Adam Atef Dabbech


Founder and President

Mr. Dabbech brings over six years of experience in operational compliance and home care. He oversees all of Senior Concierge Providers' operations to insure efficiency, quality of caregivers, and world-class customer service. Adam has a natural aptitude for business, inherent leadership abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and a passion for serving customers. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Lucienne Appel


Communication Consultant

Ms. Appel has 20+ years in traditional and digital marketing and developed a campaign to promote awareness of mental health conditions at a major health center. She also worked as a Human Rights specialist for the United Nations investigating and reporting on human rights abuses. She fought tirelessly for the rights of the underprivileged throughout her lifetime. She is fluent in French and Italian.

Victoria Brewer


Marketing Consultant

Ms. Brewer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Public Relations and has a robust background in Health Communication for the aging population. Always with a touch of class and humor, Victoria brings an outstanding outlook on life and unique blend of passion, innovation and creativity to her work. She is also fluent in Spanish, Italian and French.

Susan Poirier


Customer Service Representative

Ms. Poirier is a former Registered Nurse, who has been in the healthcare industry for nearly two decades and continues to pursue her passion for helping others as a valued Senior Concierge Providers member. She puts our clients' health and well-being first and also enjoys getting to know our clients on a personal level and creating lasting friendships. She's a Certified nursing assistant; she also has CPR and First Aid Certifications.

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